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PADI Entry Level Scuba Courses

Imagine yourself floating effortlessly through clear warm water. Below you lies the wreckage of a powerful ocean going vessel. Colorful tropical fish dance around you. You can live this fanta-sea. Learning to dive is fun, safe and easy! Enroll in a PADI Open Water Scuba Diver course and start your underwater adventure today!

A fascinating environment lies below our planet's waters. Beautiful aquatic life abounds. Ancient shipwrecks and colorful coral reefs await exploration. Your Open Water Diver course will prepare you for a lifetime of low risk fun and excitement. Upon successful completion of the Open Water Diver course you will be able to buy or rent scuba equipment and acquire air fills as well as plan and conduct scuba dives to a recommended maximum depth of 60 feet.

We offer three versions of the PADI Open Water Diver course. One is sure to meet your individual scheduling and economic needs. Each program includes everything you need to safely learn to scuba dive. Course fees for all three programs include: PADI Open Water Diver manual, plastic dive tables, log book, Personal Identification Card registration envelope, ID photo, Wall Certificate, Certification Card, all instructional fees, various handouts, use of regulator with alternate air source and gage console, use of buoyancy compensator jacket, use of weightbelt with weights and use of scuba tank. Each student is required to supply their own mask, fins and snorkel, swim suit and towel. (Students receive a 10% discount on purchases while enrolled in class.) All three entry-level programs are divided into three sections: Academic development (classroom and self study), Confined water training (pool) and Open Water training (experience dives).

Standard Scuba

Our Standard Scuba program is our version of the scuba industry's mainstay certification course. The course follows a rigid schedule and is designed for individuals with predictable schedules and economy in mind. The academic development portion of this program involves reading assignments and home completion of "Knowledge Reviews," followed by viewing the PADI Open Water Diver video, instructor elaboration and quiz administration in structured classroom sessions. Pool sessions and open water training also follow a rigid schedule.

Deluxe Scuba

Our Deluxe Scuba program takes advantage of PADI's self study options to reduce classroom time and increase the level of individual attention given to students. This course is perfect for busy professionals and business owners. Participants receive their choice of a personal copy of the PADI Open Water Diver video and manual or interactive CD ROM for independent study. This approach reduces the time needed for classroom presentations. Students enrolled in this program also receive a deluxe logbook binder and PADI Adventure log insert. Enrollment for our Deluxe Program is limited to 6 students to insure a high level of individual attention.

Personal Scuba

Personal Scuba is our version of the private scuba course. Featuring a flexible schedule this program is perfect of people who can't follow a rigid schedule. Personal Scuba features all the benefits of our Deluxe program with the addition of a personal scuba trainer for you or your group. This program can be ran for you, an individual, or a small group of family and/or friends insuring the highest level of individual attention to your training needs.

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