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Assistant Instructor



The NAUI Assistant Instructor rating is a NAUI leadership-level certification. The program is designed to introduce students to diving instruction basics. It also tests individuals in fundamental water skills needed

to be capable assistants. Certification authorizes individuals to assist active-status NAUI Instructors in the conduct of dive training. NAUI Assistant Instructor certification is a highly recommended step in the progression to NAUI Instructor.




• A current NAUI Assistant Instructor is qualified to assist active-status NAUI Instructors in teaching skin and scuba diving during sanctioned diving courses provided the activities and locale are similar to those of the training. Additional training or experience is to be obtained by the Assistant Instructor who desires to assist in highly specialized training activities, such as deep,

wreck penetration, cavern or ice dives.

• A NAUI Assistant Instructor and can be counted toward student-instructor ratios.

• After assisting an active-status NAUI Instructor with at least one complete, NAUI Scuba Diver course a current NAUI Assistant Instructor is qualified, if all other prerequisites are

met, to enter a NAUI Instructor Training Course (ITC). (Attending a NAUI Instructor Preparatory (PREP) Program and certification as a NAUI Divemaster are recommended prior

to attending an ITC.)




• General. Meet the requirements applying to all Leadership courses.

• Materials. See current Guide to Membership.

• Diver Certification. Certification as NAUI Master Scuba Diver and NAUI Scuba Rescue Diver or their equivalent. Divers with evidence of equivalent training and experience may be enrolled provided they pass the NAUI Master Scuba Diver written examination with a minimum score of 75%.

• Experience. Have at least 20 logged open water scuba dives. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth and activities.




• Ratios. Standard ratios apply

• Hours.

Academic – 13 hours estimated.

Water – 7 hours required.

• Open Water Dives. A minimum of one open water dive is required.




• Swimming skills (confined water) – Using no equipment, demonstrate the ability to:

– Swim underwater 25 yards (23 m) on one breath; no dive or push-off.

– Swim 450 yards (407 m) nonstop, any stroke, within 10 minutes and then swim an additional 25 yards (23 m) using any resting stroke(s).

– Transport another person of similar size 50 yards (46 m).

– Demonstrate survival swimming for 20 minutes (treading water, floating, etc.)

• Skin Diving Skills (confined or open water) – To be performed wearing at least a wet suit jacket, a weight belt adjusted for proper buoyancy, mask, fins, and snorkel as follows:

– Snorkel swim 900 yards (823 meters), nonstop, within 18 minutes.

– Perform a Skin Ditch and Recovery

• Scuba Skills (confined water) – Wearing scuba unit and BC in addition to minimum skin diving gear:

– Perform a Scuba Lifesaving Transport

– Buddy breathe (not using alternate air source) with another diver while swimming horizontally under water for four minutes. Each buddy (in turn) is to be without a mask and the donor of air for two minutes during the swim. The divers are not to surface during the entire exercise.

– Perform a Scuba Ditch and Recovery

– Perform a Scuba Bailout

• Scuba Skills (open water) – In open water gear suitable for the area, comfortably demonstrate the ability to perform the following:

– A pre-dive gear check for self and buddy.

– Removal and replacement of the weight belt at the surface.

– Use of BC, weights and breathing to maintain proper buoyancy.

– Buddy breathing while stationary on the bottom.

– Perform a relaxed, controlled emergency swimming ascent from a minimum depth of 15 feet (4.6 m) in open water.

• Assisting Skills (open water) – Wearing full scuba equipment appropriate for the area demonstrate the ability to perform the following:

– A pre-dive equipment checks for diver(s) simulating basic student(s).

– Place and recover a flag, float and ascent line in the dive area for use in a qualification dive.

– Escort of a diver simulating a basic student from the beach or boat to the dive area, performing a buoyancy check en route.

– Escort of a diver simulating a basic student with difficulties from the dive area to the beach or boat and exiting with proper standard of care.

– Escort of two divers simulating basic students on an underwater tour while demonstrating proper positioning, control and management.

– Assists for a diver in open water simulating each: panic, cramps and breathing difficulties.

– A complete open water rescue of a submerged scuba diver simulating a non-breathing, unconscious accident victim.




Review of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Diving rescue.

Emergency procedures and systems access.

Common student danger signals and early problem recognition; the significance of such warning signs as rapid breathing, jerky movements, wide open eyes, etc.

Open water skills application for the assistant instructor detailing:

–Pre-dive equipment checks.

–Buoyancy checks, recognizing over-weighting.

–Instructor/assistant coordination.

–In-water student control, escorting and assistance.

Basics of teaching – learning theory and oral communications.

Additionally, as a learning experience, the candidate is to present at least one assigned teaching presentation suitable for entry level diving students. The presentation is to be formally

reviewed, but not graded for record. The length will vary with the number of candidates involved. The presentation may be classroom/lecture, confined water teaching, open water teaching, or diving activities briefing.

Legal aspects of instruction.

NAUI orientation.

Enrollment Form


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